The great dinner

 The Great Dinner - is a 30 minute show with two actors. Joschi and Marie.
It includes a handstandact on chairs, swinging trapeze, partner acrobatics, comedy and swing dance.
Awesome, funny, full of joie de vivre and first class acrobatics!
The show is playable outside and inside.

 THE GREAT DINNER is a passionate and at the same time crazy box of two. Humorous and expressive is this performance without words, which plays only supposedly in the world of high society. Immerse yourself in the world of those who actually serve the "rich and beautiful", in the evening of the GREAT DINNER and the essential little stories that lead to it. Clownesque humour sometimes stormily shakes the hierarchies of society, without destroying them and yet with the perspective of one's own happiness. A waitress, her waiter and why everything comes differently than planned. The bumpy path to self-realization is described with quiet tones and fine wit.